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The coastal shell middens on Hudayriyat Island are large collections of shells and bones left over from meals consumed by the former inhabitants. They are usually located along sandy beaches nearby where the shellfish were collected and then discarded....



Dugongs are marine herbivorous animals found in warm coastal waters between East Africa and Australia, including the Red Sea, Arabian Gulf and Indian and Pacific Oceans.



With a relatively shallow depth that has significantly influenced its’ marine biodiversity, the Arabian Gulf has a unique variety of sharks and rays. Most common habitats are a featureless seabed of mud or sand that support numerous species of sharks and rays.



Coastal middens are of great cultural, scientific, educational and historic importance as they reveal information about former inhabitants and their survival tactics.

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The Hudayriyat Heritage Trail has been established to protect the important archaeological remains discovered on the island.

The shell middens provide direct evidence of the activities of pearl fishermen who previously lived there.

The remains of dugongs and sharks demonstrate the importance of marine resources for the community living on Hudayriyat.

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